Forbidden Soup

A meal with Afghan refugees ends with a surprising declaration of faith.

From Message magazine issue "'Come Over and Help Us'"

Ilyas stared in surprise as one of his dinner companions reached over the table and plunged his fingers into his bowl. 

“Why did you just stick your hand in my soup?” he exclaimed. 

The Afghan couple seated across from him had requested to meet at a local restaurant. They were intrigued by Ilyas’ faith and sought a safe place to talk about the Bible, away from the prying eyes of other Muslims who would object to keeping company with a “Jesus follower.”  

Ilyas actively shares Christ in his community. As part of ABWE’s Afghan Initiative, he and his family relocated to the US in 2022 after fleeing the Taliban and resettled in a city with a large Muslim population to reach fellow refugees with the gospel.  

Before the meal, the couple peppered him with questions about Jesus, the Bible, and the Trinity. After several hours of discussion, their food arrived. Ilyas reached for his bowl. He had ordered a soup that contained pork, a food forbidden for Muslims—but before he took his first bite, the man reached into the soup, pulled out a piece of pork, and ate it with his wife.    

“We eat this pork to show you that we are no longer Muslims,” he declared. “We believe everything that you’re saying about Jesus is true, and we are now brothers.” 

God is working in the Afghan community. Pray for Ilyas and the other Afghan Initiative ministry leaders as they boldly share the gospel.  

Editor’s Note: Ilyas’ name has been changed for security.