Gospel Games on the Air

A radio ministry captures interest through biblical entertainment.

From Message magazine issue "One Body"

Missionaries must constantly look for creative ways to engage the lost, especially unreached Muslim people groups.

This creativity is what drove the building of Hope Radio in Mango, Togo, which aired its first gospel broadcast more than two years ago. With a listening community that is 80 percent Muslim, the radio ministry has the difficult task of planting gospel seeds in hard soil. Yet despite obstacles, listeners have responded favorably to the programming.

For example, on its one-year anniversary, Hope Radio decided to try something new—a week-long live Bible quiz game show. Four staff members conducted the show, asking simple Bible questions in French and the three main African languages. To their surprise, the phone started ringing immediately.

“It was humorous to hear the sincere attempts of people with minimal Bible knowledge try to answer questions like, ‘Whose wife turned into a pillar of salt?’ or ‘What king wrote many Psalms in the Bible?’” said ABWE missionary Adam Drake. “Sometimes, it would take five to 10 calls before we received the right answer.”

For the ministry’s second anniversary, the team held similar on-air games—like “Two Truths and a Lie” Bible-style, and “Bible Family Feud,” surveying the local people. They recorded the names of the callers for follow-up conversations and talked with each winner who came to receive a prize. Several traveled some 25 miles to claim their award—a long journey on Togo’s poor roads.

“Of course, we don’t think Bible trivia will bring anyone to saving faith,” explained Drake. “But as people are drawn to Hope Radio, they will hear God’s truth during our daily programs.”

Sometimes, hard soil must be tilled before planting can begin. Hope Radio believes God is doing just this, preparing souls to receive the gospel.

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