How a House Church Is Using Bible Storying to Flourish and Grow

A young church in the Philippines is taking strides to multiply itself.

Eighteen individuals were baptized in the month leading up to Christmas!

All of them had been introduced to the gospel through the chronological Bible storytelling that the house church in Quezon province focuses on and teaches all their members, even the children, to participate in. You can read about the beginning of this house church, initiated through the witness and Bible storytelling of one faithful lady, Lea, here.

Lea’s husband, Arnel, leads the house church, while a ministry group led by missionary Steve Deal’s assistant pastor, Jeselou, tries to make the trip from Lipa City each week to encourage and teach. For six months this past year, from March to August, the team from Lipa City was prevented by COVID-19 restrictions from traveling to Quezon. Lea and Arnel continued to meet daily with their group to read the Bible, teach, and pray together. They developed seven 2-3 person teams who go out three times a week into their town and neighboring villages to share the gospel message through Bible storytelling. Despite being a congregation of fairly new believers, they persevered and thrived, grounded in the Bible’s redemptive story. Arnel has begun studying a Bible course for pastors. Pray that God would lead in his training and prepare him to care well for this church.

When Jeselou and his team were able to go back in September, they found a growing group eager to be fed. On one recent occasion, he arrived at Quezon Saturday night, and they immediately asked for a Bible study. They started at 9 p.m. and continued until 3 a.m., peppering him with question after question. The group loves to learn the chronological Bible stories so they can retell them to others. They are not ashamed of their faith and eagerly share it with family and friends. Deal says, “These believers are so exciting to be around. We warm ourselves by the ‘fire’ of their enthusiasm to learn more of God’s word.”

Their passion for sharing their faith has given this house church a vision beyond themselves. They are now asking if they can start a church in another area that their Bible storytelling teams are going to. What a joy to see the Holy Spirit use the simple telling of events from The Story of Hope to bring about many genuine faith responses and change so many lives.

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship. Used with permission.

Randy Southwell

Randy Southwell is the Overseas Director of Good Soil Ministries. He received his M.Div. from Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary and previously served as a youth leader at his local church with his wife Sarah. They joined ABWE in 1997 and served as missionaries to Brazil from 1999 to 2018, when they returned to the US to serve with the Good Soil team.