Making Disciples Online

Find out how one missionary uses technology to form relationships across the world—without ever meeting them in person.

“What do you do for a living?” asked the woman who was hosting the Bible study.

Gordon worked in online marketing, but he decided to respond in the simplest way possible.

“I make people click on things,” said Gordon.

“Don’t you think there is a way God can use that for his glory?” she pressed.

Internally, Gordon harbored severe doubts. Digital advertising seemed too obscure and unrelated of an expertise to fit into God’s ministry toolbox.

Five years later, “God has shown me up big time.” Those were Gordon’s words when recounting how much has changed since his initial resistance.

He currently uses communication mediums like Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp to connect with almost 200 pastors across the globe—spanning from restricted access countries to places in North America.

Gordon employs his extensive background in internet marketing to motivate pastors into taking surveys through Facebook and other social media ads. The questions range from favorite author to prayer requests. At the completion of each survey, the participant receives a children’s Bible curriculum via a PDF document, an appealing tool for any small-church pastor.

Then Gordon follows up with each pastor to establish what he likes to call “virtual relationships.” He lends himself as a shoulder to lean on, even if it’s separated by hundreds or thousands of miles. Gordon offers discipleship, advice, and most importantly a listening ear to the daily life situations of these pastors.

Indeed, it’s not uncommon for Gordon to receive a phone call at 3 a.m. from pastor Isaac, who runs an orphanage in Ghana. They’ll take time to share what’s been on each other’s hearts and pray for one another.

“I know I probably won’t meet most of these people face-to-face,” said Gordon. “But I will one day when we all are in heaven. And that’s what makes this all so worth it.”

Gordon is on the phone multiple hours each day, pouring into and bearing the burdens of his virtual mentees. Unwilling to waste a spare minute, he makes phone calls on his commute to work, while picking up the kids, or simply when running other errands.

Earlier this year Gordon joined Live Global, where he is working with the team by resourcing his ministry to form partnership connections with national Christians around the world.

Editor’s Note: Visit here to learn more about Gordon’s ministry. Text the word “PARTNER” to 82257 for prayer and partnering.