Memorial Christian Hospital: Celebrating More Than Medicine

The opening of Memorial Christian Hospital’s new building brings more than just better medicine—it will open more doors for the gospel.

From Message magazine issue "Christ in the Crisis"

In February, 2,000 people gathered together to celebrate the opening of the new Memorial Christian Hospital (MCH).

Local officials, important country dignitaries, and community leaders, as well as Ed Graham, representing Samaritan’s Purse, all attended the ceremony.

The dream for this new hospital, which now stands just 100 feet away from the original property, began in 1997. Twenty-three years later, the four-story facility boasts almost three times the square footage of the old one. It also includes one and a half the amount of bed space and five more operating rooms than the previous facility.

“This project is not the plan of any one or two men,” explained the ABWE Executive Director for South Asia. “It is the result of God moving in the hearts of hundreds of people. We want to thank each person who partnered with ABWE by giving toward this hospital, it’s more than a place of healing—it’s a vital instrument in expanding God’s kingdom to the unreached in South Asia.”

The hospital represents so much more than a brick and mortar structure. It is a symbol of restoration, where broken bodies are healed with superb medicine and broken lives are mended through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The majority of the patients who enter Memorial Christian Hospital cannot afford basic medical care. You can help MCH continue offering its services for free or minimal cost to families in need.