A Place in the Family

Megan’s role in her own family and affection toward children made her a perfect fit for a teaching position on the field.

From Message magazine issue "2020 Candidate Issue"

Megan was raised in a household steeped in Christian practices and values.

“Not only were we at church every Sunday, but my parents also instilled within us habits of praying at mealtimes, before bed, memorizing Scripture, giving to missions, and serving others,” Megan said.

Of course, this lifestyle influenced Megan’s interests. She remembers being drawn to biographies of well-known women missionaries like Amy Carmichael and Gladys Aylward, inspired by their bold faith and how they utilized the gift of singleness to serve the Lord more effectively. Her respect for current missionaries grew as she heard their stories at church and in their newsletters.

In high school, she also discovered her gift for elementary education, a passion she attributes to her being the oldest of four siblings and most of her cousins. By the time she arrived at Cedarville University, the faint calling for the mission field increased to a resounding cymbal. But when Megan graduated in 2014, instead of immediately sending her overseas, God directed her to teach at a Christian school in Dayton, Ohio.

An opportunity appeared in 2018, when she participated in a missions trip to Spain to work at an ESL camp for children. Megan returned the following year to help at a bilingual VBS. As she watched the children happily sing songs and read the Bible, Megan’s heart broke for them, well aware that none knew Jesus as their Savior.

Megan will be serving at ABWE’s Evangelical Christian Academy in Madrid, with the hopes of teaching officially in January of next year.

Learn more about the Megan’s ministry here.

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