This Missionary Family Has the Right Tools for the Job

In addition to their carpentry skills, the Westons also possess a heart for seeing lives changed by the gospel.

From Message magazine issue "2020 Candidate Issue"

Nate’s vigor for the Lord was waning.

He was a teenager when he began to take his faith and Bible-believing home for granted. Determined to get him back on the straight and narrow, his uncle brought Nate to a Christian camp, where he served alongside missionaries who not only taught him the trades, but also what it meant to be a man of God.

“They poured into my life, and that kind of set my course for missions,” said Nate.

Nate met Erin while working at the camp. She was also raised in a Christian family and became saved and baptized when she was just 12 years old. Erin was first introduced to missions when she participated on a trip to Ireland at 19.

Once married, Nate and Erin joined a missions-minded church and jumped on opportunities to assist long-term ABWE missionaries in Ukraine and Africa. In 2011, Nate went to Togo and used his carpentry skills to help build the Hospital of Hope. When he returned to Canada, both Nate and Erin sensed the Lord leading them to take bigger steps toward ministry.

Their first stride was a two-year stint to Togo, which ultimately ended a year early due to health complications with one of their children. Although exhausted and discouraged, they trusted in God’s plan and tried serving in Togo again for two more years in 2016. Nate continued his work in construction while Erin ran the missionary guest house.

Since their return to Canada in 2018, Nate has operated his own contracting company, taking every chance to tell his clients and coworkers about his ministry experiences. Erin has helped her five children readjust back to life in North America.

Nate and Erin have committed to a longer service pledge, becoming mid-term missionaries with the intent to go back to Togo next year.

Editor’s Note: Learn more about the Westons’ ministry here.

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