Torch Bearers for the Next Generation 

Christian teachers in Papua New Guinea learn how to use their profession to transform their culture.

From Message magazine issue "'Come Over and Help Us'"

Papua New Guinea can feel like a spiritually dark place, given its culture of brutal tribal violence, animism, and ancestor worship, but when I entered the campus of Goroka Baptist Bible College (GBBC), the shadows receded.

GBBC shines like a light, and its students are torch bearers.  

At GBBC, men train to become church planters to spread the gospel to unreached villages and people groups. Their passion portrays hope for the people of Papua New Guinea. But when I met the women at the college studying to become primary school teachers and incorporating the gospel into their lesson plans, I saw hope for future generations.  

Marian departed from the expected road of marrying young and serving a husband to instead enroll at GBBC and wholly serve God.  

“It’s God’s calling for my life,” she explained. “When I graduate from GBBC, I wish to become a Christian school teacher and to teach God’s Word to the kids.”  

The mission of GBBC is to train tomorrow’s Christian leaders today, and godly women like Marian demonstrate that Christians can use any profession to transform their culture and the world.