Ukraine Update: How God Has Provided

Dr. Rudolph shares an update after receiving desperately needed medical supplies.

Dr. Rudolph is the President of the Christian Medical Association of Ukraine. He’s worked alongside many of our missionaries who served in Ukraine and is now assisting in the hospitals that weren’t destroyed. Dr. Rudolph sends a heartfelt thank you to the generous donors and supporters who made this package of critically needed medical supplies possible.

Since the start of Russia’s invasion, over 5,050 buildings have been destroyed, including hundreds of hospitals. This attack has devastated Ukraine’s infrastructure and its people, according to a Reuters report in April.

Support Ukrainians Affected by War

The Ukraine Crisis Fund doesn’t just support the global refugee crisis. It also supports Ukrainians who haven’t left the country and are serving their people, like Dr. Rudolph. If you would like to help with Ukrainian relief efforts, consider donating to the crisis fund today.