Watch: Ukrainian Church Couldn’t Fit All Their Refugees in the Building, So They Did This Instead

ABWE’s crisis fund is continuing to bear fruit through faithful churches serving suffering Ukrainians.

Since the crisis began, Bible and Life Baptist Church in Kyiv, Ukraine has served more than 5,000 hurting Ukrainians.

So when their relief program drew more suffering locals than they could contain in their building, they took to the street to preach the gospel and lead worship.

Planted in 2000 by an ABWE missionary, the church is seeing incredible response to the gospel—with visitors returning for Sunday services and small group studies.

This church is one of many impacted by the Ukraine Crisis Fund, meeting the physical and spiritual needs of Ukrainians throughout Eastern Europe affected by war.

Since the crisis began earlier this year, the fund has:​

  • Served more than 25,000 refugees
  • Provided more than 60,000 meals
  • Purchased more than 800 beds
  • Enabled more than 1,200 gospel presentations
  • Distributed 3,500 books and pieces of gospel literature
  • Supplied more than 4,500 liters of fuel for national partners