What Is ‘Karmic Christianity’?

Missiologist E.D. Burns explains how Christians can get off the hamster wheel of works-righteousness.

In this eye-opening episode, we sit down with E.D. Burns, author of Karmic Christianity: Finding Peace by Faith Alone, to dissect the pitfalls of blending karma with Christian faith. Burns warns missionaries against the trap of treadmill living, where the focus shifts from God’s grace to human effort, leading to ministry burnout and a distorted gospel message. We delve into the ungodly coping mechanisms Christians often resort to when facing fear and how a proper understanding of the gospel can liberate us from such snares. From America’s pop-culture obsession with karma to the fear-power paradigm in different cultures, this episode is a wake-up call to recenter our faith on the finished work of Christ. Don’t miss this compelling conversation that challenges us to examine our own beliefs and realign our ministries with the true gospel. See full show notes….

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