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“We appeal to you as the Macedonians appealed to Paul. ‘Come over and help us,’ for we are desperate to train those who are willing and able. If you have experience and the gift of service, God can use you to advance his kingdom in Saint Lucia.” — Christian in Saint Lucia

The Spiritual Need in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a sovereign island nation in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea. Its main industry is tourism, and many of the 175,000 people permanently residing on the island work in service industries. More than one-third of the population lives in the capital, Castries, and its surrounding areas.

Thanks to French and British influence in the country’s development, 95% of Saint Lucians identify as Christian and there are strong ties to both Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. While the Christian population represents a large majority, less than 20% are evangelical believers. Very small religious minorities on the island include Rastafarianism, ethnic religions, Hinduism and Islam.

ABWE in Saint Lucia

ABWE is dedicated to sharing the gospel in Saint Lucia. We are excited about the opportunities available, but we need more missionaries in order to better serve Saint Lucian believers and those that have not yet encountered the gospel.

Ministry opportunities in Saint Lucia include evangelism and discipleship, church planting, children’s and youth outreach, camp ministry, church resource development, marketing, music, sports, and even literacy programs.

With additional missionaries we can grow God’s kingdom, make churches more accessible, reinforce strong local leadership, and help make this beautiful island nation a beacon of light in the West Indies.

Is God leading you to serve as a missionary to Saint Lucia?


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Camp Ministry Leaders

ABWE in St. Lucia desperately needs a camp ministry leader to develop a fun and enriching activities program for kids and teens of all ages.

Discipleship Coaches

Enrich the spiritual journeys of believers as well as the community at large by building deep and meaningful relationships as a platform for further leadership development, and evangelism and discipleship opportunities.

Leadership Trainers

As a leadership trainer, you’ll work with St. Lucia’s nationals to create and sustain strong ministries that serve practical and spiritual needs.

Literacy Teachers

Our St. Lucia team needs a qualified, experienced English teacher to work with nationals who struggle with literacy.