Second in population and size only to Asia, yet containing more countries than any other continent, Africa is home to more than 1.3 billion people. Each country’s identity has been shaped by its history, its indigenous people groups and their religious cultures, and its efforts to keep in pace with modern advancements in infrastructure, communications, medicine, and other technologies. With Africa’s remote regions having so little access to such resources, Africa’s major cities continue to grow as people move from rural areas in search of a better future.

ABWE missionaries and our local partners are bringing light to both urban and rural people groups all throughout what some call the “dark continent.” In North Africa, we are sharing the gospel in the Islamic world, where the population in some countries is 99.9% Muslim. Along the southern coast of West Africa, we are piercing the darkness in the birthplace of voodoo by training Christian leaders with strong theological education. In sub-Saharan Africa, where many have knowledge of Jesus but also seek comfort in a “prosperity gospel,” we are discipling believers and planting Bible-based churches that are multiplying and reaching new communities with the truth.

Alongside personal evangelism and Christian teaching, we are representing Christ’s love in action. Because of the massive need for healthcare services, our medical ministries in Africa are particularly effective, and have created platforms for both physical and spiritual healing in Togo, Zambia, Ethiopia, and beyond. In places like Uganda and South Sudan, families that have been separated and devastated by war and corruption are being counseled and given hope. Reaching the rural, those without resources in their language, or those in spiritual bondage across the thousands of people groups in Africa can be difficult—but with creative approaches, dedicated workers, and endless persistence, we are seeing the significant impact of the gospel shining further into new places!

Ministries in Africa include:

  • AIDS relief ministries
  • Aviation ministry
  • Bible studies
  • Business development
  • Camp ministry
  • Church planting
  • Community development
  • Education ministries
  • Evangelism and discipleship
  • Feeding centers
  • Healthcare
  • Leadership training
  • Literacy training
  • Muslim ministries
  • Orphan care
  • Pregnancy crisis centers
  • Radio ministry
  • Team development
  • Sewing ministries
  • Social welfare ministries
  • Theological education
  • Women’s ministries
  • Youth ministries

The opportunities to grow and strengthen God’s people are phenomenal, and where the church grows, communities are being impacted. We need more workers to join us in Africa to share the life-changing message of gospel. Is God leading you to take a step of faith towards missions in Africa?



We'd love to get to know you and discuss how God is calling you.