Answered Prayer on Four Wheels

Learn how God provided the Village of Light with a new vehicle.

From Message magazine issue "One Body"

Students at the Village of Light, an ABWE school for the blind in Togo, celebrate God answering their prayers for a new vehicle.
In 1992, missionary Kay Washer bought a Toyota van to transport students from the Village of Light Center for the Blind to church every Sunday and also to their respective villages at the close of each semester.

Since then, it has been called the “New Van.” And although the Village of Light sold the older vehicle that the New Van replaced eight years ago, the reliable 15-seater has retained the outdated and misleading name that the Togolese staff had affectionately given it 29 years prior.

As transportation needs increased at the Village of Light, the staff searched for a gently used van. However, with other more pressing needs, the acquisition of an updated vehicle continued to be placed on hold. At least, that is what Village of Light administrators Rory and Kristy Moore thought. But God had other reasons for the delay.

In the summer of 2020, the Togolese government announced a limited-time offer that lowered the import tax on vehicles. Previously, the combined sum of the import tax and additional fees made the already expensive venture of car buying an even more exorbitant endeavor. This special offer would save the Village of Light thousands of dollars.

But Rory and Kristy received the news late. They had to quickly come to a decision because another ABWE ministry was also finalizing vehicle orders and needed to include the Village of Light’s purchase. After much prayer, they committed to getting the van. But that was the easy part. Now they had to raise $35,000 in just two weeks when the payment was due.

The couple shared the incredible opportunity and immense need on social media. Before the day’s end, a donor contacted Rory and gave $15,000 toward the new vehicle. The generous donor was also willing to contribute a matching gift of $10,000 if others pledged the remaining sum. Sure enough, two weeks to the day, the last of the $10,000 matching gift came in. All the funds were in place.

Now, the Village of Light has a new “New Van” that sits in the parking area next to the old “New Van.” The day the new vehicle drove onto campus, dozens of students waited to greet and “see” it for the first time. Rory and Kristy shed tears of joy watching the students rejoice at the arrival of God’s special gift to the Village of Light.

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