A Hungry Heart

An alarming passage of Scripture transformed one Nicaraguan lady from a devoted Catholic to a passionate follower of Christ.

From Message magazine issue "'I Will Build My Church'"

Eda was a self-proclaimed Christian.

Like many Nicaraguans, she considered herself a devoted Catholic and could list all the good works she had done to earn God’s favor. She attended mass every week. She helped her neighbors. She gave money to the church. By overwhelming consensus, she was a good person.

When ABWE missionary Traci Warner invited Eda to a ladies’ Bible study held in her own neighborhood, she consented. At first, Eda knew very little about the Bible, despite years of listening to the priest and observing religious traditions.

A lesson on Matthew 7:21–23 sparked Eda’s interest. When she heard the words, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven,” she thought over her list of spiritual accomplishments. Would God say to her, “I never knew you; depart from me”?

Eda was eager to hear more. Each week she came to the Bible study prepared. The Holy Spirit was softening her heart, and Traci decided to talk with her individually.

The first day Traci climbed the hill to Eda’s house, Eda greeted her and immediately asked if Traci could explain portions of the Bible study that she did not understand. Soon after, Eda made the most important decision of her life, placing her faith in Christ.

Traci later visited Eda again, planning to suggest they meet for discipleship, as Traci does through her ministry of training women in Nicaraguan churches.

Once again, Eda greeted her excitedly at the door. She explained that she had been sharing everything she learned about the Bible with her close friend, Karla, because she wanted Karla to know Jesus. Eda did not need to be told that Christians are called to share the good news; she already grasped God’s heart for others and was proclaiming the gospel.

Praise God for new believers hungry to learn and share God’s Word.