Milestones and Miracles: A Final Look at 2019

In 2019, God allowed ABWE missionaries to do greater things in the work of the Great Commission.

“There is something infectious about the fresh optimism that accompanies the dawn of a new year.”

We plan new initiatives, set new goals, and seek bigger dreams. We establish resolutions and institute plans to attain them with a sense of reinvigoration.

But before we set our sights on 2020, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on how God has blessed ABWE in 2019.

These accomplishments couldn’t have occurred without your invaluable support.

We are so thankful for your generosity in helping ABWE further God’s kingdom. Because, at the end of the day, that is the best and most worthwhile way to start a new year—to continue to faithfully pursue the work of fulfilling the Great Commission.

For the Lord’s harvest,

Paul Davis
ABWE President

Thank you for your partnership together for the gospel in 2019, and the ABWE family looks forward to ministering together in the year ahead.