Miracle Monday

Terri and David Fisher share how God provided for them miraculously and providentially in their support-raising journey.

From Message magazine issue "Building a Legacy"

As the deadline approached, tense anticipation filled the air. With only one hour left, ABWE prefield missionaries Dave and Terri Fisher were fervently praying that, by some miracle, they would meet their missionary support requirement levels, so they could attend ABWE’s Field Prep Seminar—a training requirement for all missionaries prior to heading to their mission field.

Three days earlier, they sat staring at their account. Their support amount remained unchanged at 71 percent. They needed to be 85 percent supported to attend the training.

Resigned, they moved the dates for attending field prep seminar on their calendar to the following spring—the third time since being accepted as missionaries to northern Chile. Anxious to finally get to the field, they met with their field team over Skype that week to pray that God would “show up and show off”.

The day before the deadline, the Fishers had visited a new church, and been encouraged by the pastor and the congregation, confirming their call and spurring them on.

On Monday, their Facebook and email exploded.

“We began the day needing [about] $400 a month in support,” Dave said. With every passing hour, that amount lowered as generous gifts poured in.

In 36 hours, Dave and Terri watched their support jump from 71 percent to 89 percent, exceeding the minimum support requirements to finally attend Field Prep.

“People were praying, literally all over the world, and God answered our prayers,” they said later. Through God’s continued provision, the Fishers were able to begin language school at Rio Grande Bible Institute in January.

“As we continue to reflect on this ‘Miracle Monday,’ we give God all the glory for the great things he has done!”