The Clear, True Gospel: Expert Voices From the 2023 Radius Conference

Missions experts from around the globe share why we can’t compromise on the gospel.

If we get the gospel wrong, nothing else we do in global missions matters.

During the 2023 Radius Conference at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, Calif., Alex Kocman of The Missions Podcast sat down with several key influences in missions, theology, and pastoral ministry to discuss the importance of keeping the gospel clear.

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1. Chad Vegas on the Clarity of the Gospel

We speak often about the need to right methods. But missions also depends upon having the right message. Pastor Chad Vegas joins to discuss the vision behind their conference theme: the clear gospel.

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2. Jonathan Master on the Missional Legacy of Old Princeton

When we think of the legacy of theological giants like B.B. Warfield or A.A. Hodge, we rarely think about their contribution to global missions. Yet, far from restricting themselves to ivory towers, these theologians were deeply concerned with the Great Commission. Jonathan Master, president of Greenville Seminary, explains.

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3. Why Reach Japan? Joel Diffenderfer Shares

Is Japan the “graveyard” of missions? ABWE Missionary Joel Diffenderfer explains the island’s strategic significance for the Open Initiative.

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4. Why Penal Substitutionary Atonement? Aubrey Sequeira Answers

Is penal substitutionary atonement (PSA) a necessary, biblical doctrine, or is it an outgrowth of Western legal thinking? Aubrey Sequeira, pastor of Evangelical Community Church of Abu Dhabi, explains the importance of this doctrine.

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5. The Caste System & the Homogenous Unit Principle With Aubrey Sequeira

Aubrey Sequeira revisits Donald McGavran’s influential concept of people groups in missiology, his understanding of the caste system, and its impact on missions today.

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6. Brad Buser on Suffering and Resilience

Brad Buser, veteran missionary and co-founder of Radius, answers some common questions about what it takes to pioneer on the mission field.

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7. Why You Must Know & Train Your Missionaries: Brian Murphy

For many churchgoers, the missionaries they support are little more than magnet on a refrigerator. How can we know and train well those whom we send? Brian Murphy, executive director of XL (Excellence in Leadership) Ministries, shares.

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8. What Women Should Know to Prepare for Missionary Life: Nina Buser

How can women prepare for the stresses and hurdles of long-term missionary life? Nina Buser shares lessons learned along the way.

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9. What Is the Missions Course? Luke Womack and Barry Brown Answer

How can we mobilize the next generation into the harvest? Luke Womack of Airo Missions, and Barry Brown of The Missions Course sit down to discuss Airo’s latest exciting program meant to “end missions.”

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10. What God Is Doing Through ABWE: Jason Phillips Shares

How is the Lord working in and through ABWE? Jason Phillips, vice president of strategy and operations, shares what most excites him right now within the global family of ministries.

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11. Parenting as a Missionary: Rachel Explains

Missions and parenting are two of life’s most challenging and rewarding undertakings. Rachel from Radius shares her wisdom as a parent after seven years of cross-cultural living.

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12. Local Church Centered Missions With Ryan Robertson

How can missionaries overcome the temptation to compromise on their ecclesiology? Ryan Robertson, president of Reaching and Teaching, unpacks the importance of the local church.

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13. Learning From William Chalmers Burns: Ian Hamilton

Who was the Scottish evangelist William Chalmers Burns? In this final interview, Ian Hamilton unfolds the riches of missions history to help us deepen in our devotion today.

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