How to Serve the Afghan Refugees

The church must prepare to be the hands and feet of Christ to the Afghan evacuees arriving on our doorstep.

Let’s face it. Thousands of Afghan refugees evacuating to the US is an overwhelming prospect.

But instead of turning to despair, let’s strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ when they arrive on our doorstep.

If you’re looking for a way to serve immediately, you can support the current work of missionaries who work with Afghan refugees in Georgia. These missionaries serve with ABWE’s EveryEthne ministry, which focuses on taking the gospel to unreached people groups right here in our own backyard. The Afghanistan crisis has been a double-edged sword, bringing heartache to their Afghan neighbors but also opening ministry opportunities.

“Today, my friend said, ‘My country’s flag is down.’ She is scrambling to find help to bring her family to the US,” said the missionary. “We are praying that Jesus would use this time to plant gospel seeds.”

He describes the refugee living situation outside Atlanta as “slumlike,” with families packed into rundown apartment complexes. Due to the evacuation, an Afghan family of five must now make room in their already small, one-bedroom apartment for four displaced relatives. And these missionaries expect to see more scenarios like this in the future, as reports project around 200 Afghan refugee families will arrive in the Atlanta area.

Your gift to the Afghan Welcome Project will help our missionaries meet the physical needs of these incoming refugees and, Lord willing, open doors for gospel conversations.

As we prepare to financially support the Afghan diaspora on the home front, we can’t forget to pray for those left behind.

“We know families who still have relatives with SIVs (Special Immigrant Visa) who couldn’t leave Afghanistan because of the chaos and confusion at the Kabul airport,” he said. “They are in a state of mourning. The least we can do is come alongside them and show them the love of Jesus.”

The Afghan community is suffering here in the US and abroad. Consider praying for and financially supporting these lost and hurting families.

Editor’s Note: Visit our Afghanistan Action Page to find other ways you can get involved.

Loren Skinker

Loren Skinker served as communications specialist with ABWE and managing editor for Message Magazine. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in communications and English.