Pilots and/or Mechanics in Ghana


The Position

ABWE is looking for motivated pilots, mechanics, and flight instructors to spearhead a new and exciting aviation ministry in Ghana! The goal is to use a floatplane or helicopter to plant churches among numerous unreached people groups such as the Fulani and Ganji that reside around Lake Volta, the world’s largest man-made lake. Flight instructors will also have the opportunity to instruct Ghanaian students at a local airport as part of an evangelism and discipleship ministry. In addition to their aviation responsibilities, missionaries will also run a Bible school in the country to provide sound theological training to local pastors and church leaders in the area.

ABWE’s Pilot Qualifications

The Need

A large percentage of Ghana’s 30 million people are nominally Christian (more than 70% as of the last census), and 28% consider themselves evangelical believers. Amidst much honest missionary activity in the country for two centuries, prosperity gospel teachers have also gained influence, and numerous indigenous cults have arisen with distinct appeal and just enough truth to create confusion and syncretism. Moreover, there are numerous unreached people groups such as the Fulani and Ganji that reside around Lake Volta area. Discipleship, leadership development, and church planting are needed to support local churches and reach the unreached people groups in Ghana.

The Impact

Air travel is the only practical way to reach the people groups around Lake Volta with the gospel. We need passionate pilots and mechanics to form an aviation ministry team to help plant churches in these areas and grow our Bible school in order to provide local pastors with sound theological education. Will you join us?

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