Pilots and/or Mechanics in Togo


The Position

ABWE is looking for pilots and mechanics to join the aviation team in Togo. Through the dedicated use of a Cessna 206, Togo Aviation brings compassionate medical care together with the evangelical witness of church planting throughout Western Africa. Two ABWE hospitals in the country of Togo serve as a launching pad for these church-planting efforts.

ABWE’s Pilot Qualifications

The Need

Despite the prominent population of Christians (45%) and growth in followers of Islam (16%), over half of the Togolese syncretize native animistic practices and beliefs along with their primary religion. This region is believed to be the birthplace of voodoo, and its spiritual hold in the Togolese nation persists today. While evangelistic efforts have been successful, new challenges are facing the younger generation. The community of believers in Jesus Christ needs help to advance the gospel.

The Impact

Our Cessna 206 saves medical missionaries hours of travel to and from our hospitals in Togo. We need pilots and mechanics in Togo to support the medical and church planting teams in the country. Will you join us?

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